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Customer Service

NSD Linda Toupin

Track 1 :: 5:05


Million $$$ Business In A Box

Track 1 :: 0:14
Track 2 :: 1:24

Track 3 :: 4:07
Track 4 :: 7:44


Never Give Up

NSD Thea Elvin

Track 1 :: 29::58


Packing Power In Your Class

Kelly McCarroll

Track 1 :: 28::55


Layering Your Way To Success February 2011
Consultant Pat Nuzzi

Track 1 :: 7:44
Track 2 :: 9:05
Track 3 :: 8:26
Track 4 :: 8:06

Inventory Options
NSD Stacy James

Track 1 :: 36:37     


Set Up Your Team Building Tempo
Cindy Fox

Track 1 :: 7:54
Track 2 :: 8:37


Booking Tips and Scripts
Auri Hatheway

Track 1 :: 8:24 
Track 2 :: 7:41 
Track 3 :: 8:46 
Track 4 :: 5:42 
Track 5 :: 5:56


You Can Do It
Auri Hatheway

Track 1 :: 8:37
Track 2 :: 7:03
Track 3 :: 8:08
Track 4 :: 6:14


Reignite Yourself
Moleda Dailey

Track 1 :: 9:00
Track 2 :: 7:40
Track 3 :: 8:49

10 Steps to Marketing to Women
Traci Smith

Track 1 :: 8:32
Track 2 :: 7:23
Track 3 :: 6:42


One Shoe Can Change Your Life
Diana Sumpter

Track 1 :: 7:15
Track 2 :: 6:56
Track 3 :: 5:39

Track 4 :: 6:27


Facing Your Finances
Brenda Segal

Track 1 :: 8:12
Track 2 :: 8:15

Track 3 :: 7:23


The Journey of a Lifetime
Pam Tull

Track 1 :: 8:15

Track 2 :: 7:29
Track 3 :: 8:09
Track 4 :: 4:14


Reaching for the Stars
Pat Nuzzi

Track 1 :: 8:46
Track 2 :: 8:33
Track 3 :: 7:45


A Clear Plan to Build Your Team
Dawn Dunn

Track 1 :: 9:23
Track 2 :: 7:40
Track 3 :: 7:31
Track 4 :: 8:07
Track 5 :: 6:04
Track 6 :: 6:53


Take the Dream Out of the Box and Start Living It

Jan Mazziotti

Track 1 :: 8:04
Track 2 :: 8:05
Track 3 :: 7:42
Track 4 :: 7:40


Booking Ideas
Great Ideas and Creative Ways to Get Appointments on Your Books

Makeup Artist Looking Portfolio

Prom Flyer

5 Attempts a Day!

Lip Gloss Samples

New York! New You! Model Portfolio

67 Ways to Meet New Clients
Extreme Makeover TV Air Date
Facial Booking Info & Checklist

Kiss Personality Placemat

Kiss Personality Print Cards

Kiss Personality Analysis

Lipstick Kissology

Model Portfolio

Compact Tic-Tac-Toe

Mobile Faces "On the Go"

Mobile Booth Notes

Mobile Booth Sign

Text Booking

Numbers Really Do Count

Lucky You


Referrals & Booking From Classes
Walking Away From a Class Without Referrals is Like Leaving Money on the Table - Use These Ideas to Always Leave a Class with Bookings

Referral Game

Booking Classes from Classes
10 People 100 Leads Survey Cards


Booking On The Spot

Facial Packet Letter

Girlfriend Coupon

Girlfriend Vouchers

Girlfriend Gift Certificate

Girlfriend Invitations

Aubrey Booking on the Spot with Facial Packets

Aubrey Fager Playback Info



Web Party

Your Invited to a Web Party

Web Show

Exquisite Lips

Finding your Foundation

Freshen up your Winter Look

Get Dream Lashes

Web Party Instructions

60 Shades

Forget the Salon

Get Soft Glowing Skin Immediately

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick

10 Web Coupon


Show me the Money

10,000 per Month in Six Months Plan


$1000 Day

$1000 Day Letter

$1000 Day Insert

$1000 Day

Facebook Scripts

Booking Scripts


The Party Pitcher

You and 2

Coaching Letter

Outside orders Hostess

50% off Flyer


Overcoming Booking Objections

Overcoming Booking Objections

Overcoming Objections


Booking Tips
Ideas and Things to Keep in Mind When Booking Appointments

Google Voice Conference Call

Happy Renew You Checklist

#1 Booking Tool

Maxxing out Your Guest Attendance

The 15 minute House Call

100 Leads in a Week


Booking Scripts
Scripts to Help Your Book Your Appointments

Bubble Phone Calls

20 Percent Discount Booking Script

5 Messages

Booking Scripts for all Situations

Text Booking

Customer Texting Script

Anatomy of a Booking Script

Referral Text Booking

Night Restore & Recover Complex Script

10 Bookings in the Month of...

Google Voice Text Booking

Google Voice Scripts

9 Bookings Fast Scripts

Text Booking with Models

Model Portfolio Business Version

Model Portfolio Ver. 2

Model Portfolio Booking Script

Model Portfolio Booking Script 2

Various Scripts

David's Bridal Booking Script

Book With a Contest Script

5 Messages by NSD Tammy Crayk


Other Portfolio Ideas

Operation Occupation Checklist
Professional Women Network Portfolio 2012
Portfolio Coverpage


Beauty Bash

Beauty Bash Appointment Scripts Cold Leads

Beauty Bash Appointment Scripts Existing Customers

Beauty Bash Supply List

Closing Sheets


Facial in a Bag

Facial in a Bag Video


Hostess Programs

Gillian Ortega Outside Order Form

Fun Pack Hostess

$100 Booking Black and White

Colorful Coupons $100 Free Party with me

Coach - New Flier

Custom Compact Hostess Postcard

Hostess Packet Wishlist

Hostess Class Reminder Postcard

What Women Want Survey

Tale of Two Hostesses

Have You Pondered Pink

Summer Party with Me!


Bridal Resources

Nashville Decorating Bags/Baskets (Video)

Robert Jones Notes

David's Bridal Script



Money Management
Use this information to help keep your business finance in order, focus on what activities will make you money, and get ready for tax time.

Money Management - Video

Inventroy Options

Electronic Business Money Management

End of Year Tax Checklist

Vistaprint Postcards

Look Book on your Email Signature
Budgeting - Sarah Kelly & Whitney Hodges

Money, Money, Money

Need Extra Income?
Monthly Accountability Sheet PDF | Word
CEO or Embezzzler?
60/40 Split
The Magic of Classes
How to Quit your Job

Income Tax Preparation PDF | Word

Write Your Own Paycheck

Mary Kay Blank Check


Customer Service

Follow-up system

What was

Book your very own party

Trash it Sale

What is in your purse

The Notebook - NSD Cathy Littlejohn

Web Resources

www.moxicopy.com - great price & quality printing service


Click Here to get your MileTracker!



Time Management
This information will help you manage your time, get organized, and see what areas of your business can improve.

Productivity is Never an Accident

Inner Circle Weekly Tracking Sheet

End of the Month Checklists for Consultants

Paper Work

Link to convert a PDF into Word

Mom's Team Player

Time Management - Pam Shaw
21- Day Challenge - Tammy Crayk
Daily Plan Sheet

Weekly Plan Sheet

Advance Training - Pam Kelly


Additional Business & Customer Management

Inner Circle Week Tracking Sheet

Bridge the Gap with Technology

Facebook Fanpage Instructions

New Changes for Your MK Business

Marketing 101

Skype Parties for Mary Kay

Grand Awards Customer Program

Fradulent Emails
Mary Kay Advertising Heats Up PDF | Word

Facebook Cracking Down on Promotion of Business

Calling Customers

Customer Service Tips

Customer Service Tips 2

Treat Your Business Like a Business


4 Hour Plan

Deal or No Deal Booking Idea

Deal or No Deal Labels

Referal Certificates

Script for Obtaining Referals During Skin Class

Bubble Phone Calls

20 Percent Discount Booking Script

5 Messages

4 Hour IPA Plan Sheet - 30 min

4 Hour IPA Plan Sheet - 1 hr

Consultant 4 Hour Plan by NSD Tammy Crayk - Video


Managing Your Inventory

Use this information to keep your inventory organized.

Debt Free

Inventory Tracking (Excel)

Money, Money, Money

Personal Shopping List

Let Your Product Work for YOU" 712-432-1085 code 589970#

Inventory Video



Mentoring Calls

These recorded calls will help your business grow.  You can listen to them 24/7.  Mark a time each week to listen.  There is a new recording each week, and daily!!  Awesome info for you!


Make sure you get your 5 minute Daily Pink Blast from Top MK Directors

Code: 53486#

Call 24/7


Quantum Leap/Daily Hotline from Top MK Directors:

Ext. 78411#

Call 24/7


NSD Cheryl Warfield/weekly call:

Code: 53147#



Ten Minute Million Message


Code: 44336#



Moving Up the Career Path

MK Corporate Explains Gen Y!

2012 Director Suit

Benefits of being a Sales Director in 2012

Go On-Target & Stay On-Target

7 Steps to Help You Reach Your Goal

Steps to Help You Finish Your Goal

Premier Plus

Queen's Court of Personal Sales
What It Means to Wear Red

Grand Achiever Program Roadmap

Advance Brochure

Value of Driving a MK Career Car

Director Tracking Sheet
Party Your Way to the Top

MK Career Path

Your Future in MK

Grand Achiever Tracking Sheet


Advance Brochure

Advance Brochure



Tracking Your Success

56 Interview to a Free Car

Car isn't far

50 Faces Challenge Tracking Sheet

Court of Sharing Tracking Sheet

Race to Red Flyer

Court of Sales Tracking Style 1 | Style 2

Court of Sharing

Focus on Goals

Seminar Year Goals 2014



Goal Setting

Setting 90 day goals changed my life - Article

Great Brainstorming Questions

10 Stages of a Goal

Goal Setting by Quarter


Car Plan in 15 Hours

Earn Your Career Car Working 15 hrs/Week - NSD Tammy Crayk

Thinking for a Change

Affirmation Blank


One Month Normal

One Month Normal Tracking Sheet

One Month Normal Notes


Skills Necessary to Move Up

Skills Necessary to Move Up


Income Producing Activates

IPA Star



IPA Director




35 minutes of power

Here is the BEST 35 minutes you can spend today: listen to Nicole Coselman a 28 year old Pink Cadillac Sr. Director who completed DIQ in one month (Nov. '11) after doing nothing in her business for a few years; she had 2 team members in October & finished with 33 by 11/30.
Nicole gives you specifics & scripts on how she did it through referrals. YOU CAN DEBUT on the SEMINAR STAGE! Pleeeeease do yourself a favor and listen:
it might just change your life! I have no idea how long this will be up/available so call ASAP!


Here's the dial-in information:

Phone Number: 605-475-4898
Access code 934998#
Reference 49#


Spring 2014 Products

Spring Products Flyer

Foundation Chart


Mary Kay Product Information

ClearProof Flyer -NEW

Lipstic-Liner-Gloss Matching Chart

Basic Eye Sheet

Gluten Free Cosmetics

Collagen Products Chart

Moisturization Comparison Chart

How Botanical Effects Work

Learn How to Sharpen - Video

Moisture Renewing Gel Mask Facts

Moisture Renewing Gel Mask Application

Mary Kay's Production Palace - Video

Psoriasis, Eczema & Rosacea

Lashes Love It Eyes

Top 5 Beauty Trends for Summer

Summer Product Launch
Daily Buzz New Mini Compact (Video)
After Sun Replenishing Gell - Other Benefits

Miracle Set Product Knowledge - Allison Cheney

Brush Cleaning Recipes

Brush Cleaning
Total Conversion Chart

Product Labels


TimeWise Product Information

Latisse Info

TimeWise Teaching Packet

Collagen Supplements

Why You Need All 3

TimeWise Right Restore & Recover Complex GWP

Product Knowledge Worksheets

Night Restore & Recover Complex (Video)

Night Restore & Recover Complex Letter to Customers

Foundation Finder Tool Tips - Cindy Mata

Determining Foundation Shades - Quick & Easy

Foundation Labels

Labels Clear PDF | Word

Foundation Conversion Chart

Foundation Placemat

TimeWise Foundations Build a Bag

Luis Casco Working with Foundations (Video)

New Foundations
TimeWise Matte-Wear Fact Sheet
TimeWise Luminous-Wear Fact Sheet

Foundation Labels Ivory & Beige

Foundation Labels Beige & Bronze

Foundation Order Form

Foundation Placemat

Foundation Primer

What's Your Foundation Fit?

Foundation Survey Postcards

Before & After

Its a Wrap

Its a Wrap image 2

How Tan I am

TimeWise Before and After Results

Debbie Sellars - Night Restore and Recover Complex

TimeWise Visibly Fit Body Lotion - Removes our Spinder Vains

Firming Eye Cream Experiment

Acne Before & After

Timewise Replenishing Serum+C Before & After

Lashes Love it Eyes

Botanical Effects Before and After

TimeWise Repair - Linda Toupin


Order of Application

Order of Application

Order of Application Checklist

Basics & Supplements


TimeWise Repair

TW Volu-Firm Set

TW Repair Results

TW Repair w/Volu Firm Comparison

TW Repair Presentation

Pink Auto Repair Club

TW Repair Facial in Bag

Miracle vs Repair

TW Repair Survey

TW Repair Order of Application

TW Repair Brand Comparison Sheet

TW Repair Workshop

TW Repair Placemat

Repair Comp Chart

Supplements Chart

TW Repair Letter - WORD

$20 Off Next Order

Miracle vs Repair


MK @ Play


Printer Friendly Flyer


Let Your Product Work For You

712-432-1085 589970#


Skin Care Class Tips
Use these to hold full circle classes and have the best possible sales at each class

Dash out the Door Color - Video

Teaching Skin Care Class - Video

Tray Insert

Skin Care Survey

Julie Potts Live Skincare party

Anatomy of A Skin Care Class

Set Up & Tips


Opening & Conducting the Class
This information will help you open your class and
have a fun successful class

Beauty Book Script

Basic Eye Sheet

Beauty Book

Beauty Book Instructor Guide

Mineral Color Display Trays


Closing Your Skin Care Class
Everything you need to successfully close out the class and ask for the sale

Referral Game
Cadillac Power Closing Sheet
New Cadillac Power Close (Video)

Flawless Package Set Sheet

TimeWise Foundations Build a Bag

Closing Your Class

GMA Study


Mary Kay Marketing Games

$500 Bill | WORD

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Not Begin Mary Kay | WORD

Class Ideas
Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Classes & Parties

Lip Placemat

Theme Parties

Referral Game Script

Get Ready for Your Best Beauty Sleep Ever | Word

Night Routine Product List

Party Ideas

Waterless Pedicure Party

Get Gorgeous


Mary Kay Marketing Game

Game Flyer



Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth Story

Fountain of Youth Travel Bag

Fountain of Youth Order of Application

Hot News from NSD Career Conference Script


Sun Facts

Importance of Sunscreen
$25 Cert Drawing

Fast Fun Facts



Want to sell, book and sign 100% at your appointments

Nicki Hill Recorded Call and web Address

MK Bucks

New Set Sheet Closing

Closing with Guests

New Party Flyer

Upgrade Hostess Sheet

Skin Care Class Agenda

Starter Kit

Team Building Objection Flashcards

PINK Marketing







Administrative Professional's Day

Administrative Professional Restaurant Script

Administrative Professional Day Gift Certificate | Word

Administrative Professional Flyer


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Pillow Gift Card

Valentine's Day Selling Scripts

Valentine's Day Video


Valentine's Day $10 Coupon

Secret Cupid

Girlfriend Gift Certificates

V-Day for Men

14 Day's of Love

Girlfriend Pampering Package

Gift Ideas For Him



March Madness Sales Event

March Madness Sale Letter

Marketing Sheet for March



Honey Bunny Basket

Honey Bunny Basket Instructions



Product Flyer

Ultimate Spa Party Instructions

Ultimate Spa Party @ a Glance

Ultimate Spa Party Closing Sheets Pedicure Set

Ultimate Spa Party Closing Sheets

Spring Fling Hostess Sheet
Spring Cup of Tea


Teacher Appreciation Week

Gift Certificate


Mothers' Day

Mother's Day Satin Hands Poem | Word

Gift Set

Wrapping Baskets in Tulle (Video)


Hugs From Home
Hugs From Home Flyer

Hugs From Home Postcards


Back to School
Back to School Special

Back to School Sale Flyer | Flyer 2
Back to School Sale Postcards
Back to School Teachers Gift Certificate
Back to School Teacher Poem

Customer Service Week

Ideas for Wowing Your Customers



Halloween Special

A Lesson in Rejection



Pink Friday

2013 Winter Products



Holiday Booking Script

Holiday Fun Pack 50% Off

Holiday Fun Pack $100 Free

Tis the Season to Discover a New You

Kisses for the Cook Gift Tag

Gas Gloves Gift Tag

Minute Chocolate Cake Gift Tag

Toasty Toes Gift Tag

Snowman Soup Gift Tag

Sweet Treat Gift Tag

Holiday Portfolio

Sell to Thousands

Christmas Pillow Gift

Quick Ideas

Reasons to Begin Yuor Business Now

Let's Talk Turkey

Extra $1500

Making Your Trunk Work

Christmas Club Program

Start Your Business During the Holidays

Holiday Gift List

Holiday Wish List

$16,000 Holiday Sales Plan

Holding Holiday Coffee

Holiday Coffee Booking

Overcoming Holiday Booking Objections- UPDATED

Earn $4000 by Christmas - Video

Holiday Fragrance Promotion

Holiday Gift Portfolio

Gift Ideas

Executive Gift Buying Service Price Sheet

Corporate Vs. Consumer Sales

12 Days of Christmas for $99

Reason's to Join Mary Kay September-December

Holiday Open House

Holiday Open House - Video

All About Eyes

Holiday Strategy Guide 2012

Gas Gloves

Holiday Extravaganza Workshop Notes Part 1

Holiday Gift Menu

My Wish List

Display Roll-Up Bag

Holiday 2012 Sample Order

Coaching Ideas for the Holidays




Mary Kay Corporate Explains Gen Y! - NEW


Selling Tips
Information you can use to become
an expert at selling the product

Selling Tips - NEW

Botanical Effects Roll-Up | Publisher

Creating a Roll-Up | Publisher

Selling to Men

Queen of Sales Tracking Sheet

PCP Letter

Even Complexion Gift with Purchase Instruction Flyer

How Much Can You Sell In The Next 10 Days

Summer Product Launch

Lash Love Before and After

Eye Bundles

Flyer 2
Tracking Sheet

Sell a Bundle Tracking Sheet
Gift Certificates
Your Eyes Only Fun Packet
Outside Order Forms

Face Lift Kit

Brush Cleaning Postcard

What a Customer is Worth

6 Most Important Selling Tips - Pam Kelly


Working the Numbers

Work the Numbers Flyer

Starter Kit Flyer

Coach PC

Closing Sheet

Working the numbers video - Part 1

Working the numbers video - Part 2

Sales Ideas
Great Ideas to Help Increase Your Sales

Sell a Bundle -NEW

Sell a Bundle Tracking Sheets -NEW

Kelly Freeman Sales Ideas

Facial On the Go (Word)

Mary Kay Stats & Info (Word)

Microdermabrasion Selling Idea

Microdermabrasion Set for $55

Hug From Home

Extraordinary Eyes

Fun Packet 2011

700 in 7 Days Tracking Sheet

Show & Sell

Sell $24 to 24 People in 24 Hours Tracking Sheet



Facial in a Bag

Facial in a Bag Video

$20 off Your Next Order

TW Repair Facial in a Bag

TW Repair Letter - Generic

Facial in a Bag - Hat Box

Facial in a Bag Instructions


VIP Club

VIP Club Card

VIP Club Card (blank)


$10,00 Profit in 5 Months

300 Punch Card

The $10,000 Notebook

100s Tracking Sheet



NSD Pam Shaw’s Marketing Call
Pre-recorded call that you can have women call into at ANY TIME (24/7) to hear NSD Pam Shaw describe how our company works and how we make money!

Pam has earned over 5 Million Dollars in her Mary Kay career! She is very inspiring and the call is great!
Call In # 212-990-6415


How to Become a Director

Best 35 minutes you can spend today


NSD Leah Lauchlan video

NSD Leah Lauchlan video


Kathy Helou Video & Follow-Up

Kathy Helou Marketing Plan Video

Follow-Up Questionnaire for Video PDF | Word

Mary Kay Cosmetics Fact Sheet


Recruiting Interview
Use this information to book and conduct
an interview about the opportunity

Overcoming Recruiting objections

Coach Handbag Drawing

Summer Pilot Program

Imagine the Perfect Career Brochure

NEW Starter Kit

Women Want Flexibility

Misconceptions of Team Building

12 Responses From Your Heart

Career At Any Age

Dare to Dream Booklet

Recruiting Questions
Recruiter Checklist

Business Tips and Recruiting IPA's
Addressing Recruits' Questions and Concerns
Full Circle Team Building

Team Building Notebook

Team Building Notebook PDF | PUB - NSD T. Schafer

Starter Kit Flyer Second Chance

Potential Team Members Tracking Sheet

Personal Use List of Products - Julie Fox

Income Potential Breakdown

Text Team Building -NEW


Magic Words to Say

Magic Words

Way to Grow Script


Building a Strong Team w/NSD Gloria Mayfield Banks

Part 1

Part 2

What It Means to Be Red


Information about Mary Kay
This information is great to give prospective team members so they can learn more about the company and opportunity.

Why try Mary Kay?

Mary Kay Marketing Plan

Working Women...The Myth -

Miss America and Mary Kay

NSD Lisa Madson Shares Her Story - Video

Consider What Mary Kay Has to Offer

Mary Kay for Teachers - Video

Bringing Back America - Video

Mary Kay's Production Palace - Video

Top 10 in Brands

Did You Know

Teachers are Turning to Mary Kay for Opportunity - Video

Mary Kay Ranks No. 10 on Loyalty Leaders List

Go on Target and Stay on Target

Why Mary Kay?
Your Key to Sharing: M.R.S C.A.B

6 Avenues of Income

Career Path Flyer
Top 10 Reasons Not to Become a MK Beauty Consultant

What to Do with an Additional $37,500 a Year

What's In It For Me?

Top Job Outlook Until 2018

Avenues of Income

Benefits of Being a MK Beauty Consultant

Mary Kay Makeover - David Holl


Opportunity Surveys
Have prospects fill one of these out after hearing about the opportunity from you, on the hotline, or by watching the dvd.

Skin Care Survey

TimeWise Survey

I'm Interested In...

Think Pink


Success Meeting Training

Team Building Script


Consultant vs. Director Pay Check

Nightline from ABC News: In Down Economy, Lipstick Sells

Consultant vs. Director Check Calculator

Consultant vs. Director Commission Comparison

Sales Director Bonus

$100,000 New Director Income

Why Directorship?


Team Building Tips

Team building tidbits part 1

Team building tidbits part 2